Saturday, April 3

If you were to subscribe to a newspaper for your news, which one would it be--local, national, or another?


Degolar said...

Local since a large part of the reason I want it is for my local sports teams. Also just to keep up on my community in general. I don't think the TV news does a very good job of that and the online sources aren't as developed (compared to online sources for national news).

That said, big, national newspapers are usually better quality and more in-depth if you're more interested in national and international news.

DaddyMan said...

I'm with the DegoMan. Granted, I'm a Google News addict, but my searching goes like this:

1. Sci/Tech
2. Most Popular (aka major headlines)
3. Then I search for local cities by name, to see what's going on.

So if I had to go print, I'd probably loose the Tech bit, but Local stuff still gets some of the major headlines and all the community goodness tossed in.