Wednesday, April 28

I have been "going" to school for the past three years to obtain my masters in library science--M.L.S. Here are some questions I recently answered for a prospective student. Probably more than you ever needed to know about library school...

This is a series I'm posting every Wednesday.


Did you find it easy to communicate with classmates and professors?

totally depends on the professor...

How does it work in terms of assignments, project timelines etc?

Let's just say...I'm better at delegating my leisure time...

Are you working full-time while going to school? If so, do you feel you are able to balance work, school and leisure time?

At one point I was working full time and going to school. I didn't like the idea of having to do school work throughout the week and go to school on the weekends, but I managed. For me, the more classes I took in one semester, the harder. Then again, if you want to be finished with school quickly, the sacrifice might be worth taking more.

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