Wednesday, April 14

I have been "going" to school for the past three years to obtain my masters in library science--M.L.S. Here are some questions I recently answered for a prospective student. Probably more than you ever needed to know about library school...

This is a series I'm posting every Wednesday.


Did you enter the program with an idea of what area of librarianship you were interested in or have the classes helped you to figure out which direction you wanted to pursue?

I've always been pretty interested in kids stuff, mostly teens. I've picked a few classes b/c of that interest. However, I found through some of the classes I've taken that I enjoy other aspects of librarianship, like preservation and global aspects. I like that my school choice has general theory classes at its core. It allows for application to many areas related to libraries. I've been able to tailor my research and paper-writing to areas of most interest to me.

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