Wednesday, April 7

I have been "going" to school for the past three years to obtain my masters in library science--M.L.S. Here are some questions I recently answered for a prospective student. Probably more than you ever needed to know about library school...

This is a series I'm posting every Wednesday.


I'd be interested in hearing a little a bit about your background and what made you decide to go to library school.

Here's my library history: I'd volunteered in a library when I was in middle school for a Girl Scout project. In college, I worked in the library a semester before I was hired here at the MPOW (My Place of Work) to shelve books. I've worked in a couple of other library branches in a couple of other jobs. Currently I work as a *** at MPOW. I waited about five years after I got my B.A. to go to library school because I wasn't sure I wanted to choose librarianship as a career path. Also, I was disheartened by the idea that I might have to go in to management if I got my M.L.S. Fortunately I've learned that there are many facets to librarianship--not just managing people in a public library. It is amusing to me that I still have not picked a direction that I'll take once I've gotten my M.L.S. I've been preoccupied with raising my son nowadays. He will be two years old in May.

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