Wednesday, March 24

I feel like I've been obsessing over what someone told me a week or two ago--"We're really busy." Like, being busy is such a good thing. Is doing stuff the same as being fulfilled?

I wish I didn't keep trying to read into this other people do this?

I actually wish that we did less stuff, but I feel pulled in a direction that we need to socialize more. I worry that if we don't do something outside the house every day, like storytime or visiting friends or going on activities, that O won't learn how to interact in the world. But all I really want to do is focus on our family, keep the house in order and connect with a few families who I feel share our common goals.

What do you think? Is it quality over quantity? I mean, we go to the grocery store, visit friends, the library and all that...


Dionna @Code Name: Mama said...

I struggle with this. I'm more of a homebody nowadays (total reversal of my prebaby self), but Kieran has SUCH a good time whenever we get out and about. Maybe you should vary where you go, what you do, who you see - don't feel pressured to always hook up with playgroups, go to a park (just you and O) once in awhile. Or just go to a store and "window shop." Being out and about is educational too, he doesn't have to "interact" all the time (besides, is he really at an age where he's playing WITH people?).

Joe said...

The fact that you worry about such things lets the world know you're a concerned parent. That's great. Keep searching for the balance and I'm sure your son will be just fine. Share your time with people you like and trust,your son will do the same.You have him to yourself for such a short time,you can be a little selfish. Family is the most important thing there is.