Thursday, February 18

Q: Have you ever met someone in person who you only knew online first?

A: I've only met a couple of people in person who I first met online. Honestly, I just don't spend much time online chatting with people who I don't know...although, I might read their blogs :)

The first time was when I went to Germany just after high school. I'd been chatting with a guy from there for a while (back in the days when AOL charged for the hour...yeah, long time ago) and we met up! It was soooo cool. I wonder what he's up to...I can't even remember his name... Anyway, he and his dad met me at the school in where I was visiting, on the East side of Germany. His dad left us--went on an errand or something. We walked to Anke's house--the gal I stayed with. It was a long walk through a field...should have planned better. His dad met us at the house later. We had a nice afternoon drink and pastry with Anke's family. And then they went home--back to Frankfurt. Crazy, huh? But, very cool that I met someone I didn't know who lived on the other side of the world.

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