Saturday, January 9

our dryer died. well, it's not drying anymore. do you still call it a dryer? so, we bought a new one today. to be delivered on wednesday. hopefully we've got enough clean clothes and disposable diapers to last us so we don't have to visit the laundromat. fairly uneventful occurance, but adds to the unexpected expenses that seem to have come our way in the past few months. i am quite grateful that we were gifted the washer and dryer when we moved in to our house. (thanks, in-laws!) it's really one of those things that you know you're going to have to buy some day (the dryer's at least 15+ yrs. old, in my estimation), but you just don't think about it until it conks out.

O's been sick. so, here i sit on an early saturday evening in my pajamas, waiting until he cries when he wakes. it's just so pathetic. his "mommy" cry, his crying so hard that he coughs. ugh. i will lay for ours with him on my arm, nursing hour upon hour so that he can get some rest.

tomorrow's the last day of our week vacation. stay-cation. we've hunkered down in the house, surviving the blizzard and freezing weather. we went about our daily activities until O got sick. now it's S and I taking turns running errands. the three of us only left the house today because O seemed a little better. i've learned how to use a saber saw. that's cool!

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the Missouri Crew said...

I hate it when the little ones are sick--you know they're miserable and there's only so much you can do.
Glad you got a new dryer coming. We had to get a new one a few months ago and are quite enjoying it.