Tuesday, January 26

from a recent e-mail i sent...


we use prefold diapers, snappis to hold them in place, thirsties and mother-ease are my favorite covers. bummis covers are good too, but they don't fit owen as well as the others

i loaned my little ones out to my friend, otherwise I'd let you borrow them to see if you like them before you buy some.

diaperpin.com is good for recommendations, although you'll find out that everyone thinks the stuff they use is the best.

diaperswappers.com is good for buying used stuff if you know what you're looking for. i'm trying to buy some training pants off the forum on mother-ease.com so you could check there too.

have you been to the Happybottomus store in Lee's Summit? They've got a bunch of stuff so you can look at in person there. They also have a once a trimester used sale--call and find out when the next one is.

we have a couple of whammi (i think) diaper pail liners that we use in our pail. we just dump diapers, covers and liner in the machines to wash and dry. We had about three dozen diapers when owen was little. did a load about every other day. we use the regular homemade laundry soap (bar soap, washing soda and borax) that we use with the other laundry. i put prolly twice as much (4 tbsp.) in though...

it truly is not too much, especially now that I only change about 3 diapers a day...


pom. said...

love this.
next baby i'd def like to try this.

(it seems funny/ironic that my word verification is "rekid" ha)

pom. said...

oh PS
we miss you guys!
i'm hermity lately.
and lonely so
you know.