Thursday, December 10

so...i haven't been writing here 'cause i had some things going on that i didn't feel like writing about 'cause i don't know who reads my blog...and i didn't want to propel the nastiness by writing about it here and causing more drama.

anyway...drama, drama, drama...and now it's over. Or, I'm avoiding all parties involved. problem solved.

right now i'm on holiday break from school so i've had time to pursue much more fun interests. since attending a intro to waldorf class i've immersed myself in the culture--reading about it in my free time and creating a rhythm for me and my family. so far, so good. i've got a daily and weekly rhythm started. it's eliminated some of the static that's crept into my everyday life.

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Melissa said...

sounds interesting...any book recommendations on the subject?

Rudolf Steiner was such an interesting person, I've come across his biodynamics.