Thursday, July 16

summer update

i am bored. no, i have a million things i could be doing...but without a school project to muddle through or wedding photos to edit, i'm bored. i know i should cherish this time, savor it before the whirlwind of both are crushing on me...but this is how i operate. i need constant stimulation and TV isn't doing it for me.

O and i have been to the pool and the park and the farmer's market.

it's that pivitol point of summer. all the activities planned are now hum-drum.

the garden's producing, needs weeding, but it's too hot in the afternoon to pick or hoe and we're too busy in the mornings and the evenings are shot with work...

read a great book lately that's got me buzzing. teen contemporary fiction. characters were nailed. prose was perfect. plot development supurb.

wishing i could be alone with my thoughts for a couple of hours...

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the Missouri Crew said...

I know what you mean. I always do better when I'm busy, for some reason. What book did you just read? You can't just leave a teaser like that and not say the name!
Our garden is actually producing this summer, too. I'm so excited about it! Lots of green tomatoes--maybe next week we'll be able to start harvesting those.