Wednesday, May 20

yes, dear readers, i have not blogged for a long, long time. not that you really cared...

since the last post:

*O's b-day
*finished up school for the semester (A-)
*started painting the kitchen
*went hiking
*worked in another's garden
*worked my own garden--planted more goodies *like sweet potatoes and cucumbers, still need to plant 3 basil plants
*went to a graduation party
*visited the Kemper
*re-united with a friend
*been to a LLL meeting
*visited the doctor
*napped and napped
*couldn't fall asleep til 2 AM
*swung at the park after walking there

and lots more that I can't think of right now...


Degolar said...


scott said...

I've missed your posts.

Melissa said...

Me too!