Thursday, January 8

peanuts. hmmm... not dairy. must avoid all nuts for two weeks. harder than it seems. found out last night that I can't eat a milky way. It doesn't even have nuts in it! O will never be able to eat a milky way? poor boy.


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Another friend of mine recently discovered that her child (~18 mos) is also allergic to peanuts. I was reading an article discussing the recent rise in occurrence and severity of peanut allergies. They seem to be more common in societies where peanuts are a smaller part of the diet (which of course makes sense). I wonder if making a conscious effort to eat a wide variety of foods while breast-feeding reduces later development of allergies in the child? I certainly think that children left unexposed to pets/germs/dust/etc are probably much more sensitive to these things later in life. One must build up a healthy immune system and expose the body to lots of allergens early in life.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Hadrian said...

That's too bad, but at least nuts are not as integral a part of the average diet as dairy is. Avoiding anything with cheese or butter in it has to be really difficult.