Thursday, December 18

Yes, I survived THE MALL during the X-mas season. No, I wasn't buying gifts there. Ick, I hate the mall. So impersonal... Anyway, today after the LLL meeting, Owen and I met Papa for some lunch @ Panera. I was picking up some photos. It was convenient. I had a craving for french onion soup. Haven't had time to make my own french onion soup. Mostly because S won't eat it... It's not hard. Lots of onions, beef broth, white wine. Did make a meatloaf tonight. Can't wait to eat it when I get home from work. Wish I'd made mashed 'tatos too. No potatoes in the house. Will go grocery shopping when there's no one in the store--gets hairy this time of year. Oh, the holidays.


scott said...

I "hat" the mall, too :)

Those panera sandwiches aren't too bad once you take the healthy stuff off :)

Jennifer Madrigal said...

I just made a meatloaf too! I had an odd craving, and suddenly, it's a very tasty midnight snack too!

k sime said...

S likes to eat the 'loaf on two pieces of bread, covered in corn. Yeee-uck! I cannot handle that kind of mixage :)