Tuesday, December 9

Here is the letter which I will send soon:

Dear Mr. ***,

This past Thursday, December 4th I was part of a group which rented the *** facility.

I was disappointed with the unwillingness to meet my needs in regards to my request to express my milk for my breastfeeding child. My employer contacted your staff twice, requesting a clean and private area for me to pump. None of the choices given to me were helpful.

The ***’s bathroom and kitchen were not acceptable due to the lack of privacy and cleanliness. To visit the facilities elsewhere, I would have had to drive, making my participation in the event I was attending negligible and disjointed. The only workable option remaining was to use the unheated basement storage facility to express my milk.

My preference was to use the office at the ***. I asked to use the office there, however I was told I could not for the following reasons: it was not part of the rental agreement, confidential documents could be accessed, and nine boxes would need to be moved which the staff member wrote could not be done.

While no resolution can be made in my case, it is my hope that you and your staff will be more accommodating to other breastfeeding mothers. If a mother is unable to express milk, her breasts will become engorged. This can result in the development of plugged ducts, which can lead to mastitis, or a breast infection, requiring the use of antibiotics and bed rest. Allowing a mother to express her milk is not only essential to feeding her baby, but to maintaining her health.

I look forward to hearing how you plan to train your staff and create a positive environment to meet breastfeeding mothers. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Yours sincerely,

K Sime

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Anonymous said...

I applaud you, but this sure takes me back to some miserable memories of breastfeeding in the car (while someone comes peering in the window and asks why you're not at the party), in the mall receiving dirty looks,etc.
Sort of like when you've already had the baby and they ask when you're due.
I nursed 5 kids totally, no pumping, no pacifier, no nuthin'. It's worth it. They were healthy until they went to school much later, after homeschooling a long long time.
Best wishes.
ZiaSun (Jeanne)