Thursday, October 16

In response to Gobula--

S mentioned to me that historically nudes have been painted without facing the painter. I tried to dig up some explanation of this on the internet. Here's an article I found.

I found this paragraph most appropriate:
Though serious art appreciation has always tried to rise above the reclining nude's link with the base reality of the bedroom, some works refuse to keep quiet about it. They do this in a fascinating variety of ways. When Manet exhibited Olympia in 1863 to a hiss of indrawn breath, he disrupted the convention that the reclining nude should in no way cause embarrassment to the viewer. Despite brilliant brushwork and the painting's courteous nod to Titian, Manet caused the art scandal of the Paris season by posing his model as a modern woman who stared boldly back at the spectator, discomforting madame and challenging monsieur's freedom to stroke her body with his eyes.

My question for Gobula--Is that why you find it so creepy? I think naked babies are the cutest!


Jennifer Madrigal said...

I enjoyed your blog so much, I decided to try it out. So far, It is tons of fun.
You have found the best explanation for when and why nudes began to be painted facing the audience. "who stared boldly back at the spectator...".

Gobula said...

I think it is the look on his face. I'll be honest though - I don't really think that, as a whole, babies are all that cute. They look like they are balding, their heads are too big for their bodies, they tend to babble aimlessly, and they shit themselves. Tell me, if you saw a 45 year old balding man with a giant head talking gibberish while shitting himself, would you think that was cute?

That being said, your baby is much cuter than most. There are a lot of butt-ugly babies out there, and yours isn't one of them.