Friday, October 24

Here you go, G. The post you've been waiting for... Sorry to say that I'm not finished with your photos. However, I'm giving you a taste, something to tide you over, until they're completed. The following are from B getting ready. She is stunning.

first up...
The Dress.

Look at how happy she is to get into it!
What a rockstar!!!

B's checkin' herself out...

...looks like she approves.

Mom does too :)

Portrait Time.
Isn't she a glamor girl? Hollywood all the way!

What a cutie-pie ;)

sneak peek of what the girls were up to...


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting these, we can't wait to see the rest! I absolutely love the one with my mom in the background!

pom. said...

oh my gosh. so classy! she's gorgeous, LOVE her that red dress and shawl in the last photo.

Katie :) said...

You're such a great photographer, Kelly. I wish I'd known you several years ago so you could've done our wedding photos! ;) I love the one with her mom over her shoulder too.