Sunday, September 7

I've been many, many times before, but haven't posted about it here--Planet Sub.

I always seem to get the same thing--the Chicken Club. It's the best! I find it funny that although there's several things on a menu that I'd probably like, once I find one that I like, I stick to it. I get it every single time I visit the place. Like with Applebees (although I rarely eat there now), I always get the Sante Fe Chicken Salad. And at Mr. Goodcents, I get the Pepperoni and Cheese, dressed the same way, every time.

Anyway, S's pick this week was Planet Sub. After we sat down, I saw the sign for Pyramid Pizza. Dang, I love that stuff.

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pom. said...

sounds like you were at OUR planet sub!!
a month or so ago we got the pyramid pizza there. i used all the honey.