Friday, September 26

I had high intentions of making an apple pie for S this morning. Instead S woke up me and the babe, coming home from his missed yoga class. I didn't feel sorry for him. It was his fault he was late. (I hate being late.) I suggested we go to the coffee shop instead. Perhaps it was the caffeine that motivated me to clean, clean clean. No nap for me, just the babe, while I tidied the bedroom, folded laundry and scoured the bathroom floor. I actually enjoy cleaning when the mood strikes. I just now took a break to eat a protein bar and check my blogs.


mommykerrie said...

i, too, hate being late, and married a chronically late man.

Harper Family said...

Hi Kelly,

What's up? It's fun to catch up with you guys on the blog. Little O is so cute! Is his hair red or brown? I was thinking it was brown, but in one of the pictures it looked red.
BTW, know what you mean as far as enjoying cleaning at times. Mostly I enjoy having a clean home when I'm done!
See ya,