Tuesday, August 5

Wow. He went to sleep on his own! I fed him. Then went to check on the laundry. Came back. He is asleep. A-mazing :)

I blew his mind today by turning on and off the overhead light.

We call the fan his best friend. He doesn't have anyone to play with. The fan is always there. He always giggles at it.

I wanted to walk to vote early this morning, but I was too tired. Instead we took a morning nap together. I suppose I'll wait until he wakes up, let the car cool down, then head to the polling place. Go vote!

Yoga was especially yummy last night. I hadn't worked that hard since before I was pregnant. Wishing I was a little more sore today...

Lunch with A yesterday at Mr. Gyro's. Brought home some baklava for S.

Damn kid crumpled my groceries when he sacked them yesterday morning...

It's hot.

Anyone been to Hot Springs, AR? We're thinking about vacations.

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