Saturday, August 30

S and I have a standing weekly date for lunch. We alternate picks. This week I chose Bo Lings. I've been seeking a decent Chinese restaurant since Chien Dynasty closed. I can't stand the buffets and fast-food service of most of the other Chinese joints I've visited. Bo Lings gave me what I need.

S and I split some dumplings--how could we not? They are a favorite of ours from Blue Koi. While these were a little larger, they still hit the spot. Next time I could order and eat all eight of the beauties for lunch.

This time I had the lunch special which included egg wonton soup, a crab rangoon and my main dish--Sichuan Peppercorn Beef. All was good. S had the Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles with shrimp. No complaints from him.

We'll be back to try more from the menu. And get some more of those dumplings!

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DaddyMan said...

Bo Lings has the best General's Chicken in town, it's our favorite Chinese place in town for us.

Though, if we're just shooting for Dumplings, Blue Koi is where its at.