Thursday, August 28

Last night I was utterly frustrated. The baby cried all night with S. S had to bring him to me so I could calm him down and nurse him. We were all exhausted. Leaving O with S while I go back to work has been great because I know S will take good care of O, but when I get reports of screaming, I want to quit my job and be with him all the time. He doesn't behave that way with me. Let's hope that it was sour milk last night and things will get better. Otherwise, as much as I love my job, it may not be worth it to make my son miserable.


pom. said...

Oh man. Heaping loads of comfort for that one. I feel it. feeeel it. whew.

DaddyMan said...

Aye, those nights are rough. Try as we may, the Fatherdood can't provide the same kind of snuggle nurturing that Mommababes can.

There are some times when the cuties want their mama, plain and simple. Best us guys can do is to ensure Mama's get their piece and quiet too.