Monday, July 7

Yay! Baby is asleep. He's been falling to sleep very easily the past couple of days. I feel like I'm getting into a groove with him. Each day I'm reading his signals better or he's giving them to me better. He's not waking up after 10 minutes. It's blissful to tuck him into my arm at night, watching his eyes slowly close, without a single squawk.

Now, for why you're really checking this blog...shameless O pics.

First, a shot of one of my favorite toys--our clothesline.

Okay, now for the good stuff.

The Pacifier. We can't live without it. Anyone have a better name for it? Hate "binky" and "nuk-nuk" and other such derivatives.

Thanks, S, for taking this one. Sweet.

Oh, the babe's awake. he back asleep. Let me check...


Not the best show of photography skills... Little O on his way to the T-Bones game.

Guess who found the bears on his swing!

O's not so sure that he wants to be a librarian.

O's favorite spot--the changing table.
He coos and smiles at his Brown Bear.
(Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle)
Thanks, Angel and Payton.

Okay. He's awake. Later.


pom. said...

oh hey, i'm lovin' the clothesline. how'd you hang it?
we have a broken clothesline pole in our backyard.

Anonymous said...


We sometimes called Maddie's pacifier the "plugger-upper". Not cute and cuddly - more functional.

And yes, shamelessly looking for O pics is one reason I visit.


k sime said...

Pom, S bought a retractable clothesline online, hung it on the back porch. It doesn't hold too much, maybe half of a load of laundry. We're thinking about sinking some posts to get a big one up in the backyard.

pom. said...

i think it's cute when i hear people call it a "paci"

DaddyMan said...

I'm with Pom. We called them pacies.

Plural that is, because we had six. Thankfully both of them have broken away from them and sucking their thumbs.

This twin thing gets easier and easier as long as their easy on me.