Saturday, July 26

I've been researching soothing techniques.

One I particularly like, that always seems to put O to sleep, is babywearing. If I want to get some things done or he's clingy/fussy, I put him in there and he calms.

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DaddyMan said...

With Little Blue, and Purple it turns out, it was tags. If they got fussy, whiney, or didn't want to go to sleep, you could find the tag on anything and give it to them and they'd hold it close and rub the tag between their cute fingers.

With Molly, it's a lot of snuggling or getting up and moving around. You've seen me stand and automatically start swaying back and forth, but I also make laps between the living room and kitchen.

I can also reccomend soothing toys. Nothing in particular, but keeping some hidden, so when they he needs to be soothed, you can bring out something new for his hands and brain to explore.