Thursday, July 31

First time to the Power & Light District. Maybe it was because I wasn't happy about having to pay to park or that I could not find a ramp for the stroller, but I was not impressed. Beautiful to look at. Impracticable.


When C suggested eating here since she works nearby, I jumped at the chance. I'd read a couple of things about the place. As much as I was excited before I ate at Chefburger, I was equally disappointed after eating there.

As expressed before, it was not most convenient to get to this trendy burger joint. Strike one. I couldn't go wrong with ordering the signature Chefburger, right? Wrong. The burger was cold when I got it. Okay. I can overlook that. But it was also nearly raw. Considering the sign I saw at the counter and the one on the menu stating that all burgers are cooked medium well, I expected such. I realize I should have said complained and got a new burger, but I just didn't have the heart. I was there with the baby, I'd trekked all the way to downtown. I didn't want to make a fuss in front of C. And, well, I'm just not that kind of person. I wish they'd just done it right in the first place.

The fried green beans were good. Of course, name one vegetable that isn't made better by deep fat frying it? They weren't enough to make me come back.

My advice: avoid Chefburger. It's not worth it. I'd much rather go to, gulp, Chipotle, chainy-ness and all. At least I know what I'm getting there...

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