Wednesday, July 23

feeling overwhelmed today.

school, baby, husband, house, work--too much.

need a nap, but am awoken when I think I hear someone knocking on the door.

got my blood drawn.

need a vacation. any recommendations?


scott said...

Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed, so:sse biena. Let me know how I can help..

Connie said...

I missed my Owensday and it sounds like you did too. I recommend an Alaskan cruise for a vacation. I saw where South Padre island was hit by a hurricane so you want to avoid that as a vacation spot. I was hoping to see some new pics of my boy. We are in the library at Seward checking your blog and email. See you soon.

DaddyMan said...

It's the sleep, it'll come. Just be sure that while one is preparing Mr. Man for bed, the other is getting everything else so as soon as the Man is down, you are two.

Now, granted, don't have the Cap'n brush your teeth while you're feeding the guy, but you get the idea.

Once he's down is not the time to wash the dishes and move clothes from the washer to the dryer.