Thursday, June 26

Yesterday for O-Wednesday my mom, O and I went to visit my great aunts. O had his first injury--burns from the metal seat belt buckle. It was terrible! Thankfully they are healing quickly. I feel awful :(

Last night we went to the Shakespeare Festival. Othello is not my favorite, but it is always fun to see a live performance outside, under the stars. O did well. Although, he did not sleep. He has a hard time submitting. Even now he is staring at me in his swing, waiting for me to carry him in the sling. Is he fussing or smiling?

This morning we went to a baby massage class. O slept right through that. Put him in his carseat and he is knocked out. It was early in the morning. Perhaps he likes to sleep late...

I'm slowly learning his patterns and signals which makes for a happier baby. It's so awesome to see him smile and coo. Has it already been seven weeks?


DaddyMan said...

The buckle thing is a pain in the ass this time of year. You can toss a blanket or burp cloth over it, but it doesn't do nearly a good enough job. I think with the dude, I put on the buckles very very loose and tightened them up when he was in his seat so metal didn't cook him.

pom. said...

I love these little lists and stuff of your days. These babies are just grow-grow-growing!!

We went to Shakespeare too and had a great time. The beebs hung out on her boppy and at my boob. (Two of her favorite places!) We went Monday night and the weather was perfect. I don't even think I got any mosquito bites!