Saturday, June 28

Yesterday for fun I tracked O's sleeping patterns. He had one long nap and plenty of short, 15-45 minute naps. He sleeps better in the morning, getting more cranky as the day goes on.

Aunt Ch came over on Thur. night. Planet Sub--yum! Took a walk.

We brought lunch to S yesterday. Visited Aunt Jean's for frozen treats, per Pom's suggestion. S liked the peach float. I skipped it 'cause it wasn't soft serve ice cream. We've got some Nehi from a previous trip to Iconium. Maybe I'll buy some soft serve and make myself an authentic one. Still not the same without the ambiance of the general store.

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pom. said...

Did YOU eat any treats from Aunt Jean's? The grapefruit is DELICIOUS. We are pretty much flanked by Planet Sub and Aunt Jean's, geographically speaking...