Friday, June 6

baby days...

I went to my first La Leche League meeting last nite.

Our nicknames for O are sweet pea, buster, sweet potato, spud and mister. Hmmmm...i think we like potatoes.

O started squawking while he was laying on the floor. He was pulling on his own hair! It's funny that he doesn't know that is hands are attached to himself.

He visited the library for the first time this week, but we didn't have time to get a card for him because he was getting cranky.

We've got most things planted in our garden--tomatoes (cherry and regular), cucumbers, green peppers. A pumpkin in the old compost pile. Still need to get 'taters in the ground. Maybe garlic.

Our basement flooded AGAIN!

S is back to work. He's off diaper duty for the nights. I'm trying to squeeze eating and showers in during nap times.

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DaddyMan said...

I wanna know how they know how to rub their eyes when they're sleepy. So cute!