Thursday, May 22

Pom showed off her baby carrier.

Here's mine.

My ever-talented mother made it for us. O is snuggled in, asleep. He's been gardening, on a walk, to the farmer's market and even nursed while hanging out in the sling. So glad that he loves it. We don't have a car seat carrier. Ours stays in the car. So the sling and the stroller are the main ways of transporting the babe.

Here's a plug for my new friend, Tiffany, who is a wom*en*trepreneur of Baby So Smart. She's a baby-wearing guru. Before my doula, Sarah, sent me the info about Tiffany, I saw a women wearing the most beautiful pink sling with her baby in it. I asked her about it. She sent me to Tiffany's website. Her slings are gorgeous.

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pomegranate said...

I'm getting pretty hooked on baby carriers. I love yours!! I also have the balboa baby sling which I bought because there was nothing to "figure out" -- I just had to slip it on. I'm interested in the moby wraps, the ergo carrier and beco butterfly carriers. I'm also totally smitten with the prints. I just opened up Tiffany's site too.

Hope you're great. Owen is seriously beautiful. His hair is amazing! :)