Wednesday, May 14

My Birth Plan.

We are looking forward to sharing the birth of our first child with you. We have created the following birth plan to help you understand our preferences for labor and delivery. We fully understand that every birth is different; complications may arise that require us to reconsider our options. Please be assured that in the event of complications, our full cooperation will be rendered after an informed discussion has taken place, and adequate time for private consideration has been given to us. We are hoping for a non-medicated, non-intervention birth. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Vaginal Exams: Only on my request or when medically necessary.

Induction: If induction is necessary, only the mildest forms possible.

Hep lock/IV fluids: I understand that I must have a prophylactic hep lock, but I would only like IV fluids if necessary. I will attempt to stay hydrated with fluids and ice chips.

Monitoring fetal heart rate: I understand that I must submit to electronic fetal monitoring. However, I would like it to be as non-invasive as possible.

Presence of partners/others: I wish to only to have my husband and my doula to be present throughout my birthing experience, in addition to necessary medical personnel. My family is welcome to visit with me only after the first hour after birth. I would not like any other visitors, please.

During labor: I would like dim lighting, music, and as quiet and intimate environment as possible. I wish to try movement, changing positions, birth ball, water, etc. before the use of drugs or membrane rupture to enhance labor. I would like the choice to wear my own clothing.

Pain Relief: I wish to use only non-medical pain relief, including relaxation, breathing, water, and other comfort measures. I do not want medication offered to me. If I request medication, I would like a full explanation of the procedure and effects before it is given.

Episiotomy: I would like to avoid an episiotomy. I wish to try massage, hot compresses, water, oils, etc. to avoid tearing. I will consent to the most non-invasive cut possible if medically necessary.

Pushing: I wish to push when I feel I am ready, without limits, with the direction of my midwife. I will use side-lying, hands and knees, squatting or any other position I feel works the best for me. I would like to avoid the use of forceps or vacuum extraction unless medically necessary.

Delivery: Immediately after delivery I want the baby to be placed directly on my bare abdomen and allowed to remain there until after the first nursing. The baby may be bathed and weighed at a later time.

Cord Cutting: I wish to delay cord clamping until the cord has stopped pulsing. My husband may wish to cut the cord.

Delivery of the placenta: I wish to deliver the placenta spontaneously with no assistance or massage of the fundus unless medically necessary.

Baby Care: If the baby must be moved from my room for any reason, my husband will go with him. We would like the Vitamin K shot to be given after the baby has breastfed since we plan to circumcise.

  • Please, no tests on the baby until after the first breastfeeding.
  • No Hepatitis B shot.
  • No administration of eye ointment.
  • Breastfeeding on demand. I would like to visit with a lactation consultant.
  • Please, no formula, water or pacifiers for the baby except during the circumcision procedure.

After Birth: We’d like to limit our visitors to just immediate family.

Unexpected Events

Cesarean: I would like all other options have been pursued for labor first.

Constant explanation of what is happening by the surgeon.

My husband is allowed to be with me at all times.

Delayed cord clamping as long as possible once the baby has been delivered.

Baby held as soon as possible by husband, Scott, after the birth.

I would like to breastfeed the baby in the recovery room.

As long as the baby is healthy he will not be removed from Scott at any time.

If the baby is not well: I’d like my husband to accompany the baby to the NICU unit. I would like to breastfeed or provide pumped breastmilk, but, please, no bottles. Feeding from a cup or tube is okay. We would like to hold the baby whenever possible.

Baby Death:

We would like to have contact with the baby for as long as we want at the time.

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Katie :) said...

Wow! That's quite a detailed plan. It makes me think that I have a LOT to consider before I go there...