Sunday, May 11

he's here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
2:37 PM
7 lbs 3 oz (Sorry, I had 8 oz. before. That was my weight when I was born.)
19 1/2 inO loves sleeping on daddy's chest. Check out his hair--just like mine :)

Happy Mother's Day too! S gave me a beautiful emerald (O's birthstone) and diamond necklace. Am I the luckiest lady in the world?


Sara said...

CONGRATS! He is very handsome. I hope everything went well. 7 lbs 8oz is a nice size, not too big or too small.

Best wishes to you all and Happy Mothers Day!

CDL said...


Eri said...

He's absolutely beautiful, just perfect.
And you are such a sensitive photographer.

Wheeeee! Welcome to the Motherland!

pomegranate said...

I'm away from the blog world for a few days and come back to see this exciting news!!

Happy Mother's Day.
Happy new baby.

he looks perfect.

Lummox said...

Trade ya. :D

angel jewel dew said...

he looks

Katie :) said...

Angel and I were "aw-ing" over these pictures at the ys desk today. What a beautiful boy you have! You are the luckiest lady in the world. :)

carmelle said...

Yay - there's no "lucky" about it -- you create your own happiness! Way to go lady!