Monday, April 21

S was hesitant that I show you this photo. I suppose it's because I'm naked. But I'm not showing you any parts, really, since it's blurry. I hope you won't think it's obscene. This photo actually makes me feel really beautiful, a struggle for me as I've watched my body change so very much with pregnancy. You can't see my stretch marks or my surgery scars clearly, just the roundness of my body, my big belly. I'm being brave and posting it here for all the other mothers who've been through the same. My body isn't done changing. To see more of one of our society's greatest secrets, visit this website--The Shape of a Mother. Here I am at 38 weeks. Click here to see my waist at five weeks.


pomegranate said...

You rock.

carmelle said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Reminds me of all the great sculptures and paintings by artists envying and admiring the pregnant female form. We women are truly exceptional.

Anonymous said...

beautiful miss.
simply so.