Monday, April 28

I've had a few people tell me that they wouldn't want to be pregnant because of the pain (I'm writing this now before I labor!) so I wanted to tell about my great experience being pregnant.

It really has not been very bad at all. Some of this I attribute to good health. I have a healthy immune system. I only get sick once a year, if at all. Before and while I've been pregnant, I practiced yoga weekly. I was riding my bike about 10 miles a week to work. I've been careful about eating lots of fruits and vegetables, plenty of protein and taking my vitamins. I cut out most of the caffeine I drank daily.

I generally listen to my body. I go to sleep when I'm tired. I eat when I'm hungry. I rest when I'm sore. Thankfully, S has been able to help me with house chores, anything, really. That's helped me physically and emotionally. He's the best cheerleader when I'm overtired, hungry and hormonal.

I've also had great advice from my doula, Sarah. I agree with my yoga teacher, Karim. Birth should not be without a doula. Yes, I haven't given birth, but Sarah's helped me so much already with DVDs, books and any questions I've had. Karim too gave us a great gift. Last week she came to our house to record a few relaxation exercises. Just hearing her voice makes me relax. I hope we can use these during labor. Thanks to S for such a great idea! Many ladies, especially the ones with which I work, have given me hope that birth can be a positive experience. Their support has been great too.

The worst of my symptoms throughout my pregnancy have been nausea, vomiting (just once), exhaustion, heartburn and swelling. I did get sick twice, which is unusual for me, but tolerable even without taking all the drugs most people take. I know it's all worth it to have a healthy baby. Let's hope my labor is the same--just as easy. And the baby is happy and healthy.


carmelle said...

You do take good care of you! - and genetics plays a part as well:)

Leelu said...

I wish you the best of luck with everything!

pomegranate said...


You will be a laboring rock star!!