Sunday, April 20

Good weekend. Started off with some steak on the grill. Here's our grass-fed rib-eye marinating in italian dressing, teriyaki sauce, garlic powder, dried onions, bay and lime juice. Heavenly with a baked potato, rolls and grilled squash and peppers.
Then a stay at this place:S and I stayed here our wedding night. Our intention was a little vacation away from home, but not too far in case the baby comes.

Pom, we've got just one and a half weeks until the guestimated date.

Stopped by Paper Source to pick up supplies for baby announcements.

We ate at one of our favorite KC restaurants last night--The Classic Cup. The food was excellent, as always. I had a special--crab, Brie and asparagus wrapped in a pastry, set aside a spinach and arugala salad. A nice glass of white wine too. S had the spicy shrimp pasta. After dinner we strolled the plaza. We came back to The Classic Cup, again sitting on the back patio, for dessert. S had a very nice scotch--McCallan, 25 yr.

We ordered breakfast in our room this morning. Here's Scott's... ...with his cute condiments.
And a trip to The Nelson. We chilled on the lawn, enjoying the sunshine. Saw a photo exhibit I wanted to see. And, of course, couldn't pass up the rest of the amazing art, like this piece.

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pomegranate said...

Oh wow!
This looks like fun!!
What a great idea.