Saturday, March 22

I've been waiting to post because I wanted to make sure a photo was present on my blog when people came to visit. I've been busy working on previous photos, but haven't had time to take any new ones.

I've finished Betsy and Kevin's wedding photos, but have not posted them online. This can be quite a task to resize everything for the web. And after staring at the photos for two weeks straight, I've numbed myself as to what stands out. I find it best to revisit my work, selecting the best when my eyes have had a rest.

Enough blabber. Here's a photo I took a year ago.We're a little behind this year. Only one week left of this month and the buds are just barely appearing on the branches. Spring, where are you?

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Sean said...

hey, i really like your photos. when i get back to kc, i may need some help moving some of mine to print. oh, and yes, i have read zen and the art of moto maint. nice read.
un beso