Tuesday, March 11


I have such generous family and friends. We've gotten mostly everything we'll need for the baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have a couple more showers coming up. I'm posting here for gift ideas for those who absolutely must get us something.

You might have seen me post about cloth diapers. I've convinced S to go this route. These are the two kinds we like best.

The fitted hemp diapers and the hemp diaper covers are the ones we'd like.

Little Beetle
The hemp original diapers come in a natural color or a variety. The aplix closures, although not the easist, can be used longer than the snaps. The wool diaper covers and soaker shorts are just adorable, especially with the different colors. Again, the aplix ones are what we want for the covers.

We'll need at least a couple dozen of the size 1 diapers to get started. As well as half a dozen each of the newborn and small Diaperaps diaper covers or the size 1 and 2 of the Little Beetle diaper covers, small and medium of the shorts. I'd skip getting the newborn size of anything because the baby will outgrow them too quickly. Honestly, we'll take anything because the baby's going to grow out of these and into the larger sizes all too soon. And I won't have to do laundry as much the more we've got :)

If this all seems confusing, you could buy us a gift certificate to purchase the diapers ourselves. Or forget the gift, come to the shower, and enjoy yourself.

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