Monday, March 24

I ate at two new places last week.

Italian Delight
on Martway in Merriam


The Mango Room
downtown--11th and Main

As soon as I walked into Italian Delight to meet my friend for lunch, I knew anything and everything on the menu would be excellent. I was not disappointed. I had the stromboli--akin to a calzone--sausage, pepperoni and cheese wrapped up like a pig-in-a-blanket, smothered with tomato sauce. The tomato side salad wasn't nearly as good as I think it will be once tomato season is upon us. I was wishing instead that I'd ordered the mushroom salad my friend got--fat 'shrooms marinated. I could have dumped that on my stromboli and been a happy camper for a couple of hours. (Remember I'm pregnant. I eat more and more often than a normal human.)

I've never eaten Jamaican food before. I was excited to try The Mango Room. Since I can't drink alcohol, I ordered some pineapple juice, pretending I, too, was partaking of the sophisticated drinks of my tablemates. We had a large party, which sometimes makes for complications in conversation and ordering, but, somehow, we managed. I split a jamaican jerk chicken flatbread with my friend, trying the rice balls and crab salsa too. I like my appetizer best. It was like a pizza, but with dried mangos and a tangy sauce. The rice balls were a little too sweet and fried for me, but S really enjoyed them. The crab salsa was okay... For dinner I ate up the spicy, spicy, SPICY seafood jumbalaya. Normally I enjoy spicy food, but I haven't been ordering it lately since I've suffered from heartburn the past few months with my pregnancy. I did okay, but the staff should definitely warn people. My friend who I ate lunch with at Italian Delight would have sent it back and ordered something else. She would have never been able to tolerate it.

Have you eaten at either/both places? What are your thoughts?

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