Tuesday, February 5

Well, the car started this morning...miraculously. It doesn't sound quite right. It shakes. And smoke is possibly coming from the tailpipe. But it's running!

Unfortunately, I'm sick today. I caught the congestion/cold that S had last week.

If you know me, you know that I couldn't stare at the TV all day. (Besides, our DVD player broke last week. What's with stuff breaking down?) I'm working on some of Betsy and Kevin's wedding photos.

First of all, Betsy and Kevin picked the perfect day to get married--
my birthday!
Is there nothing more spectacular than a winter/holiday wedding with a red and green theme?

A couple of images of Betsy getting ready.
Betsy's reading a note that Kevin sent in to the room where the girls were getting ready.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics Kelly! You do amazing stuff!

- Chris