Friday, February 15

My sweetie surprised me with some yummy, yummy dark chocolate truffles from Godiva for V-day.

I've been at a loss for the perfect morsels ever since Annedore's closed up shop. But, wait... After checking the store's website, it says, "The new Annedore's Fine Chocolates location, between Historic Westport and The Country Club Plaza, proves to be a local institution of its own." I see no address on the website though. Anyone have more information before I phone them? Are they only taking online orders?

S bought me some Christopher Elbow chocolates for X-mas this year. While they are quite the show pieces, they just don't hit the spot. They're too unique, too unconventional. What I usually want is a really sweet treat. Elbow chocolates are just too much.

I've heard of a place that's been around for awhile--Andre's. What can you tell me about them? Let's see...the next holiday that I might need some chocolates...Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Andre's also has fabulous chocolates and food too, but you have to visit the one in KCMO for the atmosphere not in Leawood.

Connie said...

I've only had their chocolate covered almonds, but they were wonderful. Aunt Jan & I ate lunch there one time. Quite the ladies' tea room.