Wednesday, February 6

I'm sick again today. S told me that this day is the worst. Ick. I thought yesterday was bad, but I know now that I was wrong. I feel like my face has exploded. A steamroller has driven over my body. Do you think I'm exaggerating?

S said that the new DVD player would be here today. I'm checking the mail... DVD player, just mail.

We haven't been to the grocery store in a week and a half. I've eaten everything edible in the house. Another day of this and S will be right--I'll start eating the furniture. A preg-o girl needs her nourishment.

I considered going to the caucus last night. It was 6:45 when I looked up where I was supposed to be. I might have made it if I'd left just then, but my body was telling me that I would feel extrememly crummy after the process. While I'm not a registered Democrat, I could have changed my party affiliation to participate. It would have been exciting to be a part of the voting. More importantly, I'm concerned about the people, like me, who would have been working last night. Those people weren't given a chance to vote. The democratic process is complicated and flawed.

I've been researching cloth diapers this week. Anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone read this blog who uses them? I'm thinking about going with the hemp ones because they're more absorbant and better for the environment.

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DaddyMan said...

Don't worry, pretty soon, you'll be so happy and tired at the same time you won't know how to describe it.

As for cloth diapers, talk to Becky. She and Will did it for a while so she can let you know.

I do know Will had (or chose) to install a sprayer in the bathroom to "shoot" the nuckies out of the diaper and into the toilet. I believe he used the existing pipe from the toilet to make it work. Becky may know the details.